The Importance of Motor Development

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arctic Launch Station

Our Arctic Launch Station is a sure way to help improve reaction time, hand-eye coordination and agility.  It is a wonderful way for children to learn how to track movements of their hands with their eyes. Visual motor coordination is imperative for reading and writing development.

Our Arctic Launch Station help children work on concentration and focus.  It is great for learning how much force and strength it takes when they stomp on the snowflake to catch the bean bag.  

Children learn how to progress from catching one item, then try to stack them on top of each other and catch.  You can even have a friendly stomp catch contest. Our record is 7 bean bags caught by a 4 year old! 

Razzle Dazzle Bowl Toss

Our brightly colored Bowl Toss will help work on hand-eye coordination skills which are fundamental for a child’s development in eye tracking skills which are vital as a child is learning to read and write.

Our Bowl Toss also works on a child’s balance, sportsmanship and teaching them how much force (how much strength is needed to throw)  for the bean bags to land inside the bowls.  

Our Bowl Toss is a great way for children to recognize their colors and get a great sense of achievement when they succeed.   Multiple children can toss at the same time or it can be used in a relay race.

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