The Importance of Early Childhood Education


The most formative times in a child's life happens between the ages of 0 and 5. Every concept is new and exciting and will help shape them into the people they will become. Their brains are continually creating connections based on their opportunities and experiences. Here at Customatic Designs we hope to enrich these experiences to help provide parents and children with all the tools they'll need to succeed. We value development and learning because we truly believe that these are the keys to helping children have a full and rich life!



Jump start

Positive experiences with early learning have been to shown to greatly improve a child's cognitive development and help expand their understanding of the world around them. All of this prepares your children for their future in education and beyond.

Interactive Learning

Our products emphasize the importance of being fully engaged in the learning process. Each page in our books is filled with pictures, concepts, and activities that are sure to motivate and excite your children as they grow and develop.



Introducing the big books of learning


These are a comprehensive overview of curriculum for Preschool and preparation for Kindergarten. Often we take for granted all the knowledge we possess. These books help prepare your children so they can thrive and grow into successful individuals.