The Big Book of Learning Set

Introducing The Big Books of Learning! No more buying multiple single subject books! And no more wasting paper or making copies! These are a comprehensive overview of curriculum for Preschool and preparation for Kindergarten. Often we take for granted all the knowledge we possess. These books help prepare your children so they can thrive and grow into successful individuals.

  • Our books focus on incremental building blocks. We start with basic skills for a 3 year old and progress slowly to more challenging concepts in order to prepare them for Kindergarten.

  • Our books help encourage learning, concentration, vocabulary, confidence, problem solving, and fine motor skills (writing).

  • Our books are designed to prepare the child fully for life which includes academic development, social skills, emotional balance, and motor development.


Book construction

  • Made of Durable and Sturdy Pages

  • Write On/Wipe Off

  • Spiral Bound so the Books Can Lay Flat

  • Rounded Corners for Safety

  • Full Color, Interactive, and Reusable

  • Each Book is 32 Pages and 8.5" x 11"


Big book of tracing

  • The book begins with a wide selection of colorful and fun Pre-Writing skills. They will start with basic patterns and then move on to more complex designs. Great for their fine motor skills.

  • It then progresses on to tracing alphabet letters. The alphabet pages have fun drawings of characters that correspond with each letter, along with a poem to help show how the words are used in a sentence.

  • The last page is our "I Can Write My Name" Our instructions of how to use this page can be found here

Sample Pages


The big book of learning (Vol 1)

  • This books includes alphabet letters, colors, good manners, emotions, textures, sequences, months of the year and more!

  • It will also contain pages with two letter and three letter sight words to give them a jump start on reading.

  • Each page displays colorful items to help with vocabulary, along with interactive pages for critical thinking.

Sample Pages


The Big book of learning (Vol 2)

  • Volume two will include numbers, shapes, safety, concepts, opposites, sports, and more!

  • It will incorporate counting, basic addition and subtraction, as well as an intro to graphing.

  • These pages will build upon the concepts covered in Volume 1, increasing their understanding of concepts like telling time and pattern recognition.

Sample Pages